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Strategic objectives

Employing over 10’000 staff, SASPA represents the most important Aviation Handling Service Providers at Airports in Switzerland. The aim of the organisation is to be perceived as an important business partner in negotiations in the fields of Aviation regulations, safety, technology, economics and social affairs, in order to secure a prosperous and innovative future for aviation handling activities.  

  • SASPA protects the common interests of its members, acting on behalf of the collective group in order to address common challenges and to improve concrete results, both, financially and operationally.

  • For the time being, SASPA started its main activities at Zurich Airport but on a medium term expansion to Geneva and Basel  and the admission of new members can be considered.


The General Assembly (currently represented by 8 member companies) is the highest authority with decision competences acting as legislative body.

The Executive Committee (currently represented by 5 stakeholders) is the executive body and in the “driver seat” for all upcoming business purposes.

The Chairman (currently Willy Ruf with his deputy Lukas Gyger) is the official delegate and spokesperson representing SASPA towards external parties.

The Auditing procedure is secured professionally. More specific details about all organisational items can be seen under “the articles of the association”.

The Secretariat for all administrative topics and questions (currently hold by Mrs. Nevena Dragosavljevic) is based in the greater Zurich Airport Area and can be reached by email.


You can download here our statutes of the association.