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Milan Arn

Newly – founded SASPA seeks more say for service companies at Switzerland’s major airports

Eight major Swiss airport service companies with a total workforce of around 10,000 personnel have teamed up to form the Swiss Aviation Services Providers Association (SASPA). Its aim: to better bundle its members’ interests and thereby give greater weight to their issues and concerns.

In addition to their airport operators and user airlines, Switzerland’s international airports are home to numerous service companies who are responsible for ensuring smooth ground operations. These companies cover various key areas within the aviation sector such as aircraft and baggage handling, cargo services, flight catering and aircraft cabin cleaning.

The eight SASPA founding companies are Airline Assistance Switzerland (AAS), Cargologic, dnata, Gate Gourmet, ISS Aviation Services, LSG Sky Chef First Catering, Swissport and Vebego Airport, which collectively employ some 10,000 personnel at Switzerland’s international airports and serve 70 airlines. In forming their new association, the SASPA founders aim to achieve better circumstances for their services and employees in order to strongly represent their interests and their concerns with all involved industry partners and authorities.

“We see the creation of our new association as a very positive step,” says SASPA President Willy Ruf. “It is vitally important that we tackle the major challenges ahead in terms of airport infrastructures and the associated changes to the present operating processes in a proactive and partnerly way, to the benefit of all our members. And this means maintaining an open and constructive dialogue among all the various industry partners. We are convinced that by coordinating these endeavours, we can secure improvements to the operating parameters for our airport service companies that will benefit the aviation system as a whole.” 

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